Always at your service! - 24/7
We are there for you and your customers: 7 days a week, around the clock, 365 days a year, you can reach our emergency service via the free telephone number 0800 / 13 88 26 0
Always at your service! - 24/7

We are there for you and your customers: 7 days a week, around the clock, 365 days a year, you can reach our emergency service via the free telephone number 0800 / 13 88 26 0

# 24h emergency service for your elevator

Wednesday evening shortly before midnight. Mr. and Mrs. Müller are tenants in their property. They went to a late movie tonight and are already looking forward to a nice glass of red wine at home. As they live on the fourth floor, they take the elevator as usual. As soon as the elevator starts, the lights go out: Power failure. The elevator stops. Between stops. The door won’t open. – The two of them are stuck in the elevator.

This or something similar happens dozens of times a day in Germany: a nightmare for every tenant. And for every property manager too. Because the legal situation is clear: if people are trapped in the cabin of your elevator, it is your responsibility as the elevator operator to free them as quickly as possible. And this rescue must begin on site within 30 minutes. This is usually not feasible for property managers. Neither in terms of time nor expertise. And this is where we come in with our elevator service and our permanently manned emergency call control center. We are there for you and your tenants. Seven days a week, around the clock, 365 days a year – our elevator technicians are always available. And if the worst comes to the worst, they can be on site quickly.

Just give us a call to our free hotline and we’ll take care of everything else – whether it’s rescuing people from a stuck elevator or repairing your essential industrial elevator on site. 

# Our emergency center

As soon as someone presses the emergency call button in your elevator, a telephone connection is established to our control center using a remote emergency call system. Our staff are psychologically trained and experienced. They are able to reassure people trapped in the elevator. They can also identify the exact location of your elevator – even without the assistance of the trapped persons. And can therefore send a service technician directly to find a solution.

To ensure quick and unhindered access to your elevator system in an emergency, and therefore also to the trapped persons, we install a discreet key deposit box outside the entrance area of your building.

By the way: Some elevator companies simply switch elevator emergency calls to the cell phone of an elevator technician. With us, however, you can expect a round-the-clock emergency call center. This means that HERZ Elevators fully complies with the legal requirements of EN81/TRA106 and the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health for elevators. 

Good to know: We draw up a special intervention plan for every elevator system. This ensures that our customers are prepared for all eventualities.

# Emergency call system for your elevator

Do you need a remote emergency call system for your elevator? You can either buy or rent it from us. And if you already have an emergency call system installed in your elevator? Then we can often connect it to our emergency call center.

We only use emergency call systems that are freely available on the elevator market and can be connected to various emergency call centers. This means you remain independent in the long term. 

The classic solution is a remote emergency call system with a landline telephone. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that you already have an analog telephone connection – or have one installed.

The – often even more cost-effective – alternative is a GSM remote emergency call system. This is a fully digital mobile radio technology. GSM is the abbreviation for “Global System for Mobile Communications”

However, GSM also has disadvantages and cannot be used everywhere. This is because too weak or too strong a network quality impairs its function. We therefore check in advance whether and, if so, with which additional measures (e.g. separate antennas) the installation of a GSM wireless emergency call system in your elevator system is possible – and economically viable for you.

# Downloads (PDF, only in German)

I have been working with HERZ for years and have only positive things to say. Competent and above all honest employees. Very good work at fair prices. I particularly appreciate the quick help in emergencies. I am looking forward to the latest contracts and further cooperation. Best regards to the team and many thanks for the cooperation so far. 

Jonas Böhme | Treureal

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