Your elevator in good hands
Would you like to know that your elevator is in good hands? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our elevator technicians work quickly and carefully. They will always find a suitable solution for you, even for tricky tasks.
Your elevator in good hands

Would you like to know that your elevator is in good hands? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our elevator technicians work quickly and carefully. They will always find a suitable solution for you, even for tricky tasks.

# We take care of your elevator

f you manage a property, you will know that your customers – quite rightly – expect everything from the boiler to the elevator to run smoothly. Your own reputation depends on having access to reliable and affordable professional services.

There are many companies who offer elevator maintenance and repairs but, unfortunately, not all will deliver on their promises.

HERZ Elevators has built a solid reputation for its expertise and reliability.

Here is what some of our customers have to say… 

„We have been working with HERZ Elevators for over seven years now. We have always been able to rely on HERZ Aufzüge and our contact person, Mr. Frenzel, for his high level of expertise and reliability. He always knows a solution, no matter how complicated the elevator problem is. …“ 

Melanie Astfalk, HAUSplus Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

„… A company that knows its trade. Fast and uncomplicated processing. The staff are friendly and are always on hand with help and advice. Always happy to return.“  

Diana Bülow

„The elevator technicians from HERZ Elevators have refurbished several passenger elevators at the TeGeCe (Technology and Trade Center) in Frankfurt (Oder) that had been out of service for some time. They also converted a 5-ton goods elevator from 1989 so that it is now state of the art again. The special thing about this is that the existing technology was largely retained. This helped us to save costs. A new build – as recommended by all other elevator companies – would have been much more cost-intensive.“ 

Andreas Büttner, Technologie- und Gewerbecenter Frankfurt (Oder) GmbH

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# How it all started

“The first time I stood between the shiny silver rollers in the freshly installed warehouse, it was a special feeling”, says Sebastian Frenzel. It was in the spring of 2008 when he decided to take the plunge into self-employment and set up an elevator company together with Torsten Schwerdtner. In Berlin-Weißensee, on a former cab driver’s yard, in the middle of old brick buildings and surrounded by former smoking chimneys – exactly where good craftsmanship is still a tradition.

A bold step. Both had already been working in the elevator industry for many years at the time. And had learned the trade of elevator maintenance from the ground up. However, the elevator service market was already largely divided among the major players – and above all the elevator manufacturers. Not an easy undertaking. – And yet it was the right decision, as it soon turned out.

The recipe for success: attention to detail and the demand for first-class work. For what is particularly close to their heart: Elevators. This is what unites the two founders. Their customers appreciate this. They soon became an insider tip among Berlin property managers and construction planners. The order books filled up. The first service technicians were quickly added. And soon they also needed support in the office. In short, the company grew even faster than the two founders had expected. 

Today, HERZ Elevators is one of the leading companies for elevator service. Not only in Berlin, but throughout Germany, numerous companies rely on the elevator service “with heart”.

# Our Management-Team

Sebastian Frenzel

„It’s easy to make something complex
– but difficult to make something simple.

Sebastian Frenzel is the founder, managing director and owner of HERZ Aufzüge. Elevators are his passion. Together with his team, he loves solving tricky technical tasks for elevator customers and often thinking outside the box. His great strength is reducing complexity and getting to the heart of even complicated issues in a way that is easy to understand. His customers appreciate this just as much as his employees.

Even at a young age, he was fascinated by craftsmanship and technology. It soon became clear to him that a technical profession was just right for him.

After leaving school, he found an interesting apprenticeship in the elevator industry – more by chance than anything else. The training was extremely good and the instructor highly ambitious. He quickly noticed how skilled, organized and reliable Sebastian Frenzel was. And so, as a senior apprentice, he was given great responsibility during his training: The management of his own construction site.

He completed his apprenticeship ahead of schedule with distinction as the best apprentice in Germany. This was unique in the history of his employer at the time.

He continued very fast: from elevator technician and team leader to sales manager. Everything felt good. But after a few years, he reached a point where he realized that things weren’t really moving forward. At least not as quickly as he would have liked. What’s more, there were a few points that he wanted to tackle differently. However, his ideas and suggestions did not fall on fertile ground. Then there was a comment from his line manager at the time, who said “If we’re doing everything so badly, why don’t you just set up your own business and do everything right?”. He then realized that it was time to set up his own company. Together with Torsten Schwerdtner, he decided to found HERZ Elevators.

A good decision, as it soon turned out. Today, HERZ Aufzüge is one of the leading companies in terms of quality when it comes to elevator repair, elevator maintenance and elevator modernization.

5 Questions - 5 Answers

Have you always wanted to be what you are?
As a young boy, I was able to take a look into the open machine room of a moving elevator by chance. On the one hand, I thought it was pretty scary. I really had a lot of respect. But at the same time, I was totally fascinated and curious. When I later got the chance to do an apprenticeship in this field, I remembered that moment and went for it. I soon realized that this wasn’t just a job for me, it was my calling. 

Where can you relax best?
When playing golf. Every game requires a lot of creativity, maximum precision and a steady hand at all times. That’s exactly what fascinates me about this sport. 

What is your favorite place in Berlin?
The Hackescher Markt! Ice cream, music and pure joie de vivre!

What is your most important advice to your three children?
Action makes the difference. – There’s no question about it: knowledge is important. But at the end of the day, it’s about actually putting ideas on the road. In my eyes, there are too many knowledge giants, but implementation dwarfs.

What do you particularly like about your work?
To recognize and promote the talents of my employees. To accompany them as they often surpass themselves. That always makes me happy and extremely proud.

Thorsten Schwerdtner

Torsten Schwerdtner is the founder and Managing Director at HERZ Elevators. He is a master organizer. No matter how complex the elevator project may be, he always maintains an overview and ensures that everything runs smoothly: in terms of time, quality and budget. How does he achieve this? With great attention to detail and a team of highly motivated and first-class employees. 

Technology is his passion. Even as a teenager, he was enthusiastic about sophisticated technical solutions and wanted to understand everything in detail. That’s why he initially trained as an electrician with a high school diploma and learned the trade from the ground up. He enjoyed his profession and decided to build on this by studying mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Zittau.

He found his way into the elevator industry through a tip from a fellow student. He started working for a small elevator company. There he gained practical experience in all areas of elevator construction: from costing, purchasing, design and order processing to installation and fault clearance.

He then remained loyal to the elevator industry and managed numerous challenging large-scale projects – often with a seven-figure order volume.

In 2008, he finally founded his own elevator company together with Sebastian Frenzel: HERZ Elevators. A bold step. And looking back, it was the right decision. Today, HERZ Elevators is one of the leading companies in terms of quality when it comes to elevator repair, maintenance and modernization.

3 Questions - 3 Answers

Have you always wanted to be what you are?
I didn’t actually know anything about elevators when I chose my career. But I quickly realized how fascinating elevator technology is.

Where can you relax best?
On the beach in warm countries. 

What is your favorite place in Berlin?
I don’t really have a favorite place, Berlin is constantly changing. I like being at Alexanderplatz, there’s always something new here and various events and markets to stroll around.

Stefanie Dammann

Stefanie Dammann manages the HERZ Elevators office. She is also the contact person for all personnel matters.
5 Questions - 5 Answers

You have been working in administration at HERZ Elevators since 2017. What do you enjoy most about your work?

The variety of my tasks. And our friendly team. I’ve already grown very fond of my “boys”! I coordinate their assignments and make sure that one of us is always on site quickly in the event of a fault. I’m also usually the first point of contact for our customers. So if you call us soon, there’s a very good chance that we’ll both be on the phone to each other. (smiles) 

You must have experienced a lot in all your years at HERZ Elevators. What has been the most extraordinary task you have mastered so far?  

Oh, there are a lot of things. Because every elevator is different. Our ever-changing challenges are just as varied. The good thing is that each of our service technicians has special strengths. I am aware of these and therefore always find the right employee for particularly tricky tasks.

Have you always wanted to be what you are?

Let’s put it this way: I’ve always been good at organizing and coordinating. I also like working with nice people. (smiles) In this respect, I feel very comfortable with my work at HERZ Elevators!

Where can you relax best?

The location is not important to me. The main thing is that I have nice people around me. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether I’m sitting around a barbecue in the garden with friends or enjoying the sun and beach by the sea with my family. – It always depends on the people.

What would you do with 5 million euros?

I live with my family in a nice house with a garden on the northern outskirts of Berlin. I would use some of the money to pay off the property and house completely. Apart from that, I don’t have to live the high life. It’s important to me that my family and friends are doing well. I would therefore let them share in my prosperity and also donate some money. I would continue to work. Because that gives me pleasure!

Philipp Groetzebach

Philipp Groetzebach is head of service at HERZ Elevators. He is usually your first point of contact when it comes to your elevator.

5 Questions - 5 Answers

Philipp, you have been working at HERZ Elevators as Service Manager since April 2019. How did you get into the elevator industry and what do you enjoy most about your work?

Craftsmanship and technology have always been my passion. Before I found my way into the elevator industry, I worked for many years as a master mechanic and car workshop manager. It was a great job! But at a certain point I realized that I would like to take on more responsibility and help shape things. So it was a good thing that there was a vacancy for a service manager at HERZ Elevators. 

What I like about elevators is that our challenges are not only technically very demanding, but also have to comply with numerous standards, laws and regulations. That makes our work very interesting! But it’s also extremely varied. Every customer is different, every project is different. You can really have fun here, but you always have to “keep the lights on”. Because there is hardly any routine. 

What was the most unusual task you have mastered so far? 

Jumping in at the deep end on day one. We went to Frankfurt / Oder. We had a truly mammoth project there. We had to completely overhaul a number of freight elevators that were really getting on in years. There’s no question that we faced some major challenges there. But we overcame them all. They have been working perfectly ever since. And for me, it was a chance to find out right away: What is not yet running perfectly? What can we do even better?

Have you always wanted to be what you are?

I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands. That’s why we bought a house in Erkner a few years ago and have since renovated a lot of things ourselves. I really enjoy my work.

Where can you relax best?

In my own garden in Erkner. My two daughters can romp around there. And I can sometimes really relax with a cold drink. (winks)

What would you do with 5 million euros?

First of all, I would make sure that my two daughters would not have to worry about material things in life. I would also buy a small house for my family and myself on the sunny island of Kos in Greece. Initially this would be our second home, and later perhaps even our retirement home. Because I like the friendliness and light-heartedness of the Greeks.

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